SPC 2013/3013

Kuumalankaleikkuri SPC

Kuumalankaleikkuri SPC 2013/3013 – The new generation

The SPS is to be handled flexibly due to the built-in scaffold bracket. The foldable pedestal enables quick and uncomplicated placing the machine, which is to carry with ease because of the handy handhold. Many cut-variations are possible due to the angle setting of bow and support.

The accessorily support plate (optional) can be srewed on the SPC‘s back. At the outer edge is a angle scale from 0 – 45°. For adjusting, scew the stick to the desired spot.. With this you can place wide polysyrene-plates on.

With the built-on slope-insulation-cutter the wire can be adjusted up to 10%. A perfect  lopecut will be done with a few strokes of work. The new end stop is fitted with a stick, which could be used either as handhold …

Whether standing or hooking on the scaffold – no problem with the foldable pedestal!

Kuumalankaleikkuri SPC 2013/3013 can be operated by a foot switch.

SPC SPC 2013 SPC 3013
Art. Nr: HWS-ST-17012 HWS-ST-18012
Cutting length: 1040 mm 1340 mm
Cutting depth: 330 mm 330 mm
Trafo: 230V/37V/160VA 230V/42V/200VA